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Module requests are open to developers and non-developers alike. Whether your building a site for yourself or a client, custom module development can be a time and price saver.

Pricing for custom development starts at $400US typically depends on the complexity & interactivity of the module idea. However, every custom module include three rounds of revisions with the developer, meaning we iterate and improve until you are satisfied! In addition, we include an online development and staging environment and  installation and activation support for you and your client, if needed.

Reminder: We offer a 30% discount if you allow us to include your module in the free Custom Modules plugin.

Custom Beaver Builder support and development is also available at the rate of $80US/hr.


Module Request Form

Completely Optional
What does the module do? Are there any current Beaver Builder modules you can compare it to?
Example: A gallery might want to include multiple images, a table might want multiple text/content areas.
Example: If there are any headings/text areas, if you'd like to control font, font size, etc
Example: If you'd like to control text color, link color, any background color areas, etc.
Include any links to similar inspirational pages. Note: We can not directly copy any existing designs unless you can provide proof of authorship or the designs are open source.
Optional, or could be drawn on a napkin
Optional. Loom is a quick and free chrome extension to record your computer screen. Many clients find it useful to explain their needs in video.

General Contact Form

How can we help?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

Custom Design & Development

We work with you to create your custom module, taylored specifically to the look and feel of your website. We include as many options and settings as you need to customize your module exactly the way you want it.

Three Rounds of Revisions

That's right! We include three rounds of revisions on your module, iterating over and over until your completely satisfied with the final result.

Installation and Activation Support

Once your module is complete, we don't leave you high and dry. We're there to help you install your custom plugin, activate it on your site, and drag-and-drop your way to page builder heaven.

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