Scout Custom Module Tutorial Video

Interested in developing with the Scout custom module from Crafty Beaver Custom Modules? Scout is a custom ‘fixed’ navigation menu that you can add to any page through Beaver Builder. This tutorial video walks you through setting up the Scout module and offers a few tips and tricks.



  1. Ross Milstein on September 23, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    With Scout, can you make a Navbar with subpages that are visible when you roll-over?
    Thank you,

    • Crafty Beaver on September 25, 2017 at 7:21 am

      Hi Ross,

      That could definitely be added to the timeline for a future update. If you’re in need of that sort of custom development quickly, then I recommend visiting the Request Module page to learn more!

  2. Ross Milstein on September 27, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Nothing urgent. I am working to make this work, as I really like what has been done.
    I have a large gap between my existing NavBar and Dust. Can I reduce the gap?
    Finally, my text seems to be wrapping onto two lines where it seems like I have plenty of room for one line.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

    • Crafty Beaver on September 27, 2017 at 8:57 pm

      Hi Ross,

      I recommend checking the Dust tutorial video. Would you be interested in sharing a URL that I can look at so I can offer specific advice? If you’d prefer, feel free to respond privately to [email protected].

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