Module Demos

Menu Modules


Scout is a navbar that sticks to the top of the page as the user scrolls down. It utilizes smooth scrolling and content awareness to highlight active links. Customize responsive behavior with multiple options for displaying Scout on smaller screens.

Useful for sticky navbars, feature lists, categories, components, documentation.

CB Advanced Menu

Based on the default Beaver Builder menu module, the CB Advanced module offers a slightly different design style lovingly called Pancake.

Useful for libraries, header navigation, and hierarchical menus.

Photo Modules


Horizontal slider to showcase design work, posters, photography, and more. Responsive and responds to touch on mobile. Clicking on images opens them in the beautiful default BB lightbox.

Useful for portfolios, photo galleries.


Legend appears to be a standard photo module- but on hover reveals a hidden content block.

Useful for images, portfolios, and product listings.

Photo Gallery Modules


Poise is an adaptation of the default WordPress image gallery that highlights images on hover, literally elevating the image with a CSS3 transform and sleek diffused shadow. Clicking on images opens them in the beautiful default BB lightbox.

Useful for photo galleries, profile pictures, graphic design portfolios.


Image gallery to showcase photography and more. Responsive and gracefully degrades to a simple experience on mobile. Clicking on images opens them in the beautiful default BB lightbox.

Useful for portfolios, photo galleries.


Drawerfolio is a- you guessed it- drawer mixed with a portfolio. Basically it's a photo gallery with a hidden drawer of content underneath each photo.

Useful for about pages, portfolios, photo galleries.

Background Effect Modules


Dust utilizes the cutting edge Particles.JS library to offer interactive backgrounds such as Neuron (pictured), Rain, Snow, and Stars. The backgrounds respond to various mouse events, like hovering and clicking. Stick that baby in a full-width row for an immersive effect.

Useful for hero images, callouts, calls-to-action, and promotional content blocks.


Add sleek hover effects and custom colors to your background images. Overlay them with custom WYSIWYG content and even make them clickable.

Useful for hero images, sitelinks, photo galleries.


Create your own list of custom links on one side that each replaces the 'spotlight' photo on the other. Customize column sizes and more.

Useful for about pages, lists of features, bio pictures.

Button List

Button List, a play off of the Link List module, is a module to create a great and intuitive list of files or downloads, complete with icons, custom color schemes, and even a file-size readout- but displayed inside of buttons.

Useful for about file downloads, lists of forms, document libraries.

Simple Events

Simple events is a very minimal events listing module. It offers SEO schema markup, intelligent design choices, and is complete customizable. Fields include location, date, date format, time, and description.

Useful for about community calendars, holiday information, timelines.

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